What is Addiction?

Addiction is a disease. People suffering with substance addictions may struggle to stop despite severe, harmful consequences.

Individuals may begin using potentially addictive substances for a variety of valid medical reasons. Many medications used to treat conditions like acute or chronic pain, severe injury, or mental health disorders can carry the risk of addiction or dependency. At first, the use of these medications may seem manageable, however over time many people develop a tolerance to these drugs that may cause them to need higher and higher doses. This can cause changes in their bodies that can quickly lead to physical addiction or dependence. People suffering from addiction experience intense urges to obtain and use the substance their body is responding to at any cost. Despite the possible impacts on their families, careers and personal lives, those suffering from addiction often find it impossible to escape this cycle.

Addiction causes an identifiable changes to a person’s brain that impairs foresight, judgement and planning. Like other chronic diseases, there are cycles of relapse and remission; however, with proper management, addiction can be treated and progression can be prevented. A number of effective treatments are available to allow individuals to recover and lead normal, productive lives.

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Buprenorphine is a medication used for the treatment of opioid addiction and dependency. Buprenorphine has unique properties that can lower the potential for abuse, diminish withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and allow for safer treatment during the recovery process. Used in combination with counseling, therapy and social support, buprenorphine  can help effectively control opioid addiction and dependency. For further information on our buprenorphine program, please call at 602-535-8612


Methadone is another safe and effective medication used for the treatment of opioid addiction and dependency. For those with a long history of substance addiction and dependency, physical changes within the body can make the recovery process painful and very difficult to sustain. Methadone works by relieving some of the painful symptoms of opiate withdrawal while blocking many of the euphoric effects of drugs like heroin, morphine and codeine. Methadone is an effective tool utilized by addiction specialists to safely control the physical symptoms of addiction withdrawal so the body can begin to correct the balance between opioid receptors and natural endorphins. Once a balance has been achieved the addiction specialists can begin to slowly taper the patient off of methadone, lowering the acute effects of opiate withdrawal. Methadone is given under the supervision of a physician, and along with a comprehensive treatment plan including counseling, therapy and social support, methadone is a useful tool in combating opioid addiction. Our Board Certified Addiction Specialists utilize the latest recommendations and techniques for successful methadone therapy to create a treatment plan unique for each individual.

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The goal of addiction treatment should always be improving one’s quality of life, social functioning and mental health while preventing relapse. A combination and non-pharmacological and pharmacological support is used to achieve this goal. At Bell Treatment Center, we place emphasis on not only medication management, but also on developing an individualized plan for recovery.

What does an addiction counselor do?

An addiction counselor works with each patient to help him or her understand one’s individual disease. The counselors helps uncover what leads a person to use alcohol or drugs, what their triggers may be and how to develop a plan to overcome those triggers.

The roles of a counselor include:

  • Providing unbiased emotional support
  • Providing one-on-one therapy sessions
  • Developing an individualized treatment plan
  • Providing continued guidance throughout a patient’s treatment program

Next Steps…

Our mission is to create a safe, healthy environment where patients can find all the resources they need to begin their journey toward recovery. We understand that addiction is a pervasive disease that greatly impacts every aspect of life for a person’s life. The road to recovery is often difficult, filled with setbacks, missteps and victories. By working together with our knowledgeable clinicians, therapists and counselors to create an individual treatment plan, we can develop innovative, clinically proven therapies that are just right, for you.

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